EMPATHY (a digital love letter)

(7'54"; May 2017; Essay Documentary, Experimental)

Written & edited by Qiyue Q Sun

EMPATHY (a digital love letter) is a hilarious short essay documentary, a comedy about a messy break-up, and an attempt to concretize emotion. 

The film tries to evoke empathy from a writer’s approach.


Distribution Grant, Temple University

 - May 2017


Festivals & Awards

San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, CA)

 - November 2017, "Official Selection"

Tirana International Film Festival (Tirana, Albania)

 - November 2017, "Official Competition"

Nevada International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV)

 - December 2017, "Platinum Reel Award"

Colorado Dragon Film Festival

 - March 2018, "Official Selection"

Other Screenings

Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia, PA)

 - March 2017