Big Trouble in Little America

Four-part short form event series. (pic: test shoot 2018)

Four-part short form event series. (pic: test shoot 2018)



Four nameless Chinese girls attempt to cope with America, each in their own quirky ways.

#1 White or Wheat (working title)

Disappointingly finding out that there’s no club open on Wednesday at 3 AM in Philadelphia, a freshly immigrated Chinese girl opts to celebrate her first night in America at a local diner.

#2 Found in Translation (working title)

Haunted by wet dreams on her newly bought mattress every night, “Chinese Girl” goes on a journey to cleanse herself of the spirits with help from her Chinese heritage.

#3 Oh hi, Mark (working title)

Taunted with a year’s worth of regrets, memories, and violence in the city, “Chinese Girl” needs to find a way to fight back in this unfriendly place.

#4 Prime Yet? (working title)

With the help of a dead body in her bathtub, “Chinese Girl” finds a way to declutter her life, walk the path to inner peace, and possibly develop a new romance in the process.

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