Qiyue Q Sun  孫齊越


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Qiyue Q Sun is a Chinese writer and filmmaker, as well as a producer and editing enthusiast. Q received her bachelor’s degree in Theater, Movie, and Television at Nanjing University, P.R. China. Currently, she is an MFA candidate in Film and Media Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, US

She has various interest that reflect in her work, but they all connect with her identity as a Chinese woman and a foreigner. Her works have screened at festivals in the US, Canada, Albania, Germany, Belarus, and India. 

Currently, Q is working on her MFA thesis project Big Trouble in Little America, a sexy four-part short form event series about four nameless Chinese girls’ quirky attempts to cope with America.

Artist Statement

I am, by heart, a socialist.  (I am not trying to say I am broke, but I will put my Venmo link down below.)

With screenplays and media arts works, I create for the present-where ppl have too little spare time to read a real book, too little money to buy tickets to a play, or even too little care to spell the word "people" in full. I find my practice, filmmaking if I may, one of the most complicated, profitable, and accessible (or proletarian) types of arts at the moment. Thus, I am a writer/director creating for the present.

Coming from a playwriting background and as a true video game addict, I am a believer in interactions. As a writer, to tell a story, state an opinion, or pick up a fight, I always donate most of my energy into finding a form my audiences can relate and are interested in to make the communication effective. 

Thus, I am fascinated with emotions and my creative process is driven by them. Human emotions are highly contagious but also highly personal, they are serious topics but somehow ironic if you take them seriously, and they cause troubles while pushing the whole human race moving forward. Additionally, it is free, since a human is basically a perpetual emotion generator. I use my works to talk about emotions, evoke certain kind of emotions from the audiences, and I believe that emotions are the entrance of understanding my work.

As for themes, sociology is one of my biggest inspiration and shaped my vision during the years. I am always interested in social issues and create accordingly even under the personal/autobiographical covers. My hilarious documentary EMPATHY(a digital love letter) for example, comes from a personal experience of mine but becomes a commentary on a modern day interracial relationship and cultural identity crisis. 

In the future, I wish to go back to China and create more for the people and land I was born and raised by. But since I am still in America at the moment, I wish to dig deeper into the topic of Chinese international students' foreign experience, how they struggle as aliens but also how they grow as individuals.